A Canoe Trip

I know it has been a long time since you have heard from me. I am living with my best buddy, Chris, in Ely, Minnesota. This fall we went on a canoe trip. I love canoe trips! I spent part of the time lying in the canoe with my head leaning out the side. This is a great time to take naps. I spent the other part of the time wading in the water. It felt good to cool off. This trip reminded me of last summer, when I was canoeing with Dave and Amy. The difference is that this trip wasn’t as long, I think. I had fun canoeing, but I was glad to go back home and sleep on the couch. Chris is my best buddy. He feeds me and pets me. He even lets me sleep in the tent! I am a happy dog! 

Sept2012Fennel2Cooling off in the water.

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