North American Odyssey



On Earth Day (April 22) of 2010 Dave and Amy Freeman began a three year, 11,700 mile journey across North America by kayak, canoe, and dogsled. Their goal is to gain support and protection for North America’s waterways and introduce over 75,000 elementary and middle school students to wild places though this website and live school assemblies.





“Amy and I are trying to make healthy choices that simplify our lives and reduce our global footprint. We hope to inspire people to make lifestyle changes that are environmentally sound, improve quality of life, and get them outside,” explains Dave.


Their odyssey began by kayak on the Pacific Coast studying temperate rainforests and marine life of the Pacific Northwest, but this was just the first in a series of six stages on their quest to highlight North America’s wildest places.


WildernessClassroom_6_25_2010After kayaking 1,400 miles from Seattle, WA to Skagway, AK, the team treked over the history-studded mountains in the footsteps of the Klondike Gold Rush, to the home of Inuit along the Arctic Ocean where polar bears roam. From the Arctic Ocean they traveled by dogsled and canoe south through central Canada, to Grand Portage, Minnesota on Lake Superior. In the Spring of 2012 they began kayaking across the Great Lakes and are following the annual whale migration past the salt marshes and sea turtles of the Atlantic Coast, finishing in the mangroves and coral reefs of the Florida Keys in the Spring of 2013.(See route description for more details)


Through daily web updates, elementary and middle school students learn alongside the explorers through www.wildernessclassroom.com and adults can follow their progress through this websitewww.NorthAmericanOdyssey.com.

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