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Dr. Blythe's Rain Forest Education Web Site http://www.rainforesteducation.com/
Take a tour of each layer of the rain forest with photos and sound.

Global Volunteers http://www.globalvolunteers.org/1main/costarica/conservation.htm
Learn more about what you can do to help protect Costa Rica's rain forest. Check out the People and Land section for a wealth of information about Costa Rica's people, history, and geography.

66 Costa Rican Rain Forest Facts http://www.pbs.org/tal/costa_rica/facts.html
Pretty self-explanitory.

RAN: The Rainforest Action Network
A great resource to learn more about the Earth's rain forests and learn what you can to protect them. Great lesson plans and activities to do with students.

The Rain Forest Alliance
Great Rain Forest information for learners of all ages. Check out the Teachers and Students section for a great list of activities to get you pro-active!

World Rainforest Information Portal
A wonderful resource full of rain forest facts and photos, and ways to get active in saving the Earth's rain forests.

5th Grade Rain Forest Web Quest
A really well-conceived web quest that is ideal for 5th graders, but could be used in a variety of classroom settings.

Pollution Links

EPA's AIRNow for Kids
A fun activity for kids to learn about the air quality index where they live.

Water Savers
A Community Science Action Guide is a quick and interesting look at how to lower water consumption.

The Water Cycle

The USGS Water Science for Schools
The best resource for information about the Water Cycle and general water basics I've found on the web.

The Ocean's In Trouble!
A great web quest for 4th - 6th graders.

Pollution Solution
A good look at how pollution affects animals, plants, and other aspects of life.

Global Warming

The EPA's Global Warming Web Site for Kids
It's a great web site full of facts, activities, resources, and Stuff For Teachers.
The Natural Resources Defense Coalition's findings on Global Warming http://www.nrdc.org/globalwarming/
It's a great resource for a more in-depth look at the factors, facts, and issues surrounding global warming trends.

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
A slightly advanced introduction to Greenhouse gases, ozone layers, atmospheric composition, and climate. It also includes a few activities for the classroom.

EPA's Global Warming Comic Book
A virtual comic book of a news reporter who has to get the scoop on Global Warming

The Sierra Club's 10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Global Warming (pdf)

The Environmental Defense Fund's Global Warming Game hhtp://globalwarming.enviroweb.org/dosomething/dosomething_frameset.html
This interactive game a good way to learn about ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and what the effects of doing so are.

Science Teacher's Stuff
Science Teacher Stuff's list of facts, activities, and links geared toward K-12 educators.

Global Warming Web Quest

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