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Earth Day, April 22nd, is coming up! It`s by far one of the most fun days of the year. It`s a great time to do something special for Earth`s forests, air, oceans, and wildlife. We`re having a hard time coming up with a way to celebrate our planet. What should we do to help the Earth and its living things? We thought about posting some suggestions, but we want to hear your original ideas. What should we do? We will be in our canoes deep in the rainforest on April 22nd, so we won`t have too much opportunity to talk with people. We also won`t be able to buy any supplies at that point. So whatever we do will need to be something we can do in the rainforest on our own. We will read all of the suggestions and vote as a team for the best action we can take. Then, we`ll do it, and post photos to our web site. We also want to know how your school or classroom is celebrating Earth Day. Tell us how you`re spending Earth Day and why you chose that activity. The classroom with the most original idea will win a prize from the rainforest! So make sure that your submissions are well-written, check your spelling, and have your teacher or school`s name on them. We`re really looking forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas.


Hello! Mrs. Palmer's second grade class in Middlebury, Indiana has some interesting ideas for how you should celebrate Earth Day. Since you will be in the Middle of the Amazon on a Canoe, it may seem your options are limited. We decided that this is not the case. The Amazon is a great place to throw a party!

To start with, every party needs a game. We thought playing, "Rain Forest I Spy" would be fitting. Each of you would take turns saying...I spy a ? You fill in the blank with one of the many rainforest sights. Your partners can guess what you spied. You could also play 20 questions.

Next, we thought it would be fun to sing some songs. Our suggetsion is called, "The Earth is Ours." It should be sung to the tune of "Jimmy Cracked Corn." Here are the lyrics:

The earth is ours and we do care. The earth is ours and we do care. The earth is ours and we do care. So let's all do our part.

Save some gas and walk to school. You'll feel so good and save some fuel. Take the bus instead of drive. Let's all do our part!

Turn the thermostat real low. Wear a sweater when the cold winds blow. Your heating bill will be so low. Let's all do our part!

Forget the bath; take a shower. You'll save water and some heating power. Make it quick, a minute or two. Let's all do our part!

Save newspapers, jars and cans. Make this part of you ecology plans. Do it now. Make a stand. LET'S ALL DO OUR PART!

Finally to end this grand celebration, we suggest that you just take a moment to soak in tha enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Consider how wonderful it is to be a part of our awesome earth!

Here at Orchard View, we plan on doing some of these same activities to celebrate Earth Day. Also, on April 23, all of the second graders here will be cleaning up trash around our school. We have some major construction going on and it gets messy quick. We are looking forward to doing our part on Earth Day!

I think you should celebrate for the trees in the rain forest because they are all getting cut down.

Dear team,
I was thinking you should go and explore China. I got the idea when we were looking at pictures of China. I hope you like my idea.

We think that you should celebrate Earth Day by doing anything that comes up such as picking up any trash you see or helping an animal that needs help. Also, we think you should really try to enjoy every second in the rain forest in honor to celebrate.
Our school is having a 'non-disposable' lunch day for Earth Day.

We think you should plant a tree in the rain forest.

We are getting grocery bags from trader joe's and designing them by coloring them.The bags will be given to the shopers.

you should plant a couple of trees or flowers or plants:)

Make posters with the paper you have saying different Earth Day phrases

You should only use earth materials for food

Take only pictures and leave only footprints behind!

we think you should pick up trash and treat our earth right by not poluting!!!!!!!!

you should pick up any trash that there is in the amazon

I think you should gather alot of roks and then write planet earth out of all the rocks. or if you have some leftover material you could take some beries and draw a picture of earth.

you should have a celebration with everyone you can find.

you could celebrate earth day by finding garbage and throwing it out. or you can find animals you know won't hurt you in any way at all and try taking care of it for a while.

clean up forest around you.

You should celebrate Earth Day by not using energy and not polluting.

Although it is going to be tough, I plan to cut down on fossil fuel use as much as possible. No motorized vehicle use, no heating or cooling of the house, no cooking, now washing or drying clothes. Just like you guys did over the past days. Hope I can do it !

you should pick up the thrash

My son Gonzalo, is thinking that for Earth Day, you could give the small bird in anyone's backyard some food because when you see them, you could study hundreds of different birds.

We think you should collect some seeds along your route and bring them back with you. Then when you come back, you can plant some of the seeds and see if you can get them to grow here!

In our Spanish class, we are all going to wear green or earth tones and pick up litter around the school. We are also going to continue learning about the earth and the environment. These ideas came from 6th grade students!

7th period Spanish
White Knoll Middle School
West Columbia, SC

The fifth grade students (along with most of our school) in Mrs. Veeser's class are decorating brown paper bags for Earth Day. After all the bags are colored with Earth Day logos and slogans, along with ways to "be green" and keep our environment healthy, Mrs. Veeser will take all the bags to our local Dominick's store.

Over the weekend, Dominick's will distribute the decorated bags to their customers to spread the word about Earth Day!

Mrs. Doxstaer's class in Orion thinks you should spend the day using only natural resources from the rainforest for your needs. Also, Nolan thinks you should celebrate by swinging from some jungle vines!!!

Our class will be making Earth Day posters to put up around our school and around town in businesses. We will also be picking up trash in our area.

We will take a "Haiku Hike" and write haiku poems about nature and Earth Day.

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