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How should we spend our day off in Moyabamba? printer.gif

By the end of next week, we should be in the town of Moyabamba. While researching in books about our route, Moyabamba caught each of our eyes as a good place to take a rest day. The trouble is we don’t know how to spend our day off. There is simply too much to see and do in Moyabamba for only one day.

So, we’re going to let you decide how we spend the day in Moyabamba. Here are our options:

Visit the Hot Springs: Moyabamba is home to healing and relaxing natural hot springs. Soaking in the warm water could be a great way to soothe our sore muscles. The springs are located in a gorgeous setting, and it would be a really nice hike into them.

Visit the Waterfalls: Moyabamba is also home to some very tall and spectacular waterfalls. We often see waterfalls while we’re riding, but we rarely get the chance to hike up to them.

Search for Orchids: The environment of Moyabamba is perfect for many species of rare orchids to grow. Orchids are very interesting flowers that have very specific places that they grow in. We could spend the day searching for interesting and rare species.

Let us know what you think and why.


Our science classes just saw a video on animal adaptations. One of the animals the video showed was an animal called the Guanaco. It is found in the upper elevations in the Andes Mountains. We are wondering if this might be an animal you would see as you bike the Andes? Have you seen one or likely to?

We think you all deserve a relaxing time to rest your muscles. Maybe you can search for orchids on the hike to the springs.

The 7th grade class has voted and almost unanimously they feel that you all deserve a day at the Hot Springs. I must admit however that I would like you to visit the orchids or the waterfall. But, the class vote rules and so we hope you enjoy a hot soak and a cool drink.

It would be refreshing to go see the water falls and it would be very beautiful. You would enjoy it! :D

The 5th Grade class has voted for hot springs also, though not quite unanimously. Once again the boys and girls are very considerate of your hard work and effort. They want you to relax your muscles and prepare for the rest of the journey.

Hot Springs are very extroidanary places were living things thrive.

I would choose the hot springs after biking forever! I bet my muscles would kill!

I think the Hot Springs is the best choice. Beautiful scenery and soaking in natural hot tubs would be great.

I think the water falls would be really COOL!

If you visit the hot springs it will be fun and you will have time to relax.

We think you should visit the Hot Springs because you need to rest your muscles. You will have plenty of exercise later on. Recently we shared an online adventure with our former principal and a group of college students in Ecuador. They found climbing a waterfall to be exhausting work.

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