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Should we buy carbon credits? printer.gif

On the plane flight from Chicago to Lima we started to think about how much fuel was used during our plane flights. Burning fuel releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The majority of scientists agree that the large amount carbon dioxide that is produced by burning fossil fuels is causing climate change.

One of the main goals of the Trans-Amazon Expedition is to look at the Amazon Rainforest’s role in combating climate change. We are wondering if there is a way we help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we created during our plane flights.

We looked on the internet and found that it is possible to buy “carbon credits.” Carbon credits allow us to purchase energy that is produced by windmills, solar panels, or other forms of renewable energy. Companies that offer carbon credits have an equation to help you figure out how many credits you should buy to "make up" for the amount of carbon dioxide that was released during the plane flight. By purchasing carbon credits equal to the amount of fuel burned, we can even out the effect of the plane on global climate change, at least in theory.

Should buy carbon credits to make up for our plane flights? How do you use fossil fuels in your daily life? What can you do to use fewer fossil fuels?


I think you put to much carbon dioxide into the air and need to own up to your mistake. T

Yes because you need to help the environment!!!! It is very important to help stop global warming!!

No because it's wasting money

Yes because global warming is the thing that is causing all the climate change so it would be smarter to have something that is better for us and the environment so we could stop the problems with global warming.

No because 1, it wastes money for the other things you want to buy. Number 2, I do beleive that other people are taking care of that situation about the pollution of the earth. You do not need to worry about that on your trip.

One of your fans,

Yes, buy the credits. Better to invest now and save the earth for the future!
Here are the ways we decided we could save energy:
walk to school
don't go to the bathroom too much
read a book instead of watch tv
help others instead of watch tv
turn things off after you use them
bike bike bike
build an out house
use less heat, use blankets
don't use the stove as much
bathe in a river
don't blow dry hair
electric cars
no showers more smelly people
water plants to make more oxygen
instead of using a radio
sing your own song
write a letter instead of email.
use less oil and gasoline

I dont think you should waste money on them. Yes, its saving energy and not burning fossil fuels, but how much is a group of adventurers going to make a drastic change in a world where daily life consists of releasing carbon dioxide. Now I would agree to have you guys buy them if at least half of the world was participating in the buying of carbon credits. Then it would be helping a large amount of people who are trying to save climates. Other wise its a waste of money, but it may be emotionaly more reasonable.

p.s. you guys are cool

No, because global warming DOES'T EXIST. Mars is warming up just like Earth is now. It's been warming up since the ice age!!!!!!! I'm not saying that we should pollute, i am just saying not to buy carbon credits.

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