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What should we bring the rangers? printer.gif

As we get into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, we have special permission to stay a ranger stations throughout the park. The rangers help protect the park from illegal logging and poaching.

We want to show our appreciation to the rangers, but we’re unsure of what might make useful and meaningful gifts of thanks.

We want to make sure our gifts are something that we already have with us, because there won’t be any chance to buy things along the way. We’ve taken inventory of our supplies, and here’s what we have to share with the rangers.

Food for the rangers is generally what they can bring in or find the rainforest. Our mixed diet of spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and tuna fish is probably something rangers would appreciate.

Music from our computers Life at a ranger station can be pretty boring. We’ve played them music before, and they all seemed to love it. They always want to hear what people are listening to in the United States. Ruben also has some Peruvian music.

Medical Supplies are always hard to come by in the Pacaya Samira Resrve. The park is always in need of supplies, and we have plenty of medical supplies along with us. We could share medicine and first aid supplies with them.

Let us know what you think and why.


Most of the students in Ms Mesho's 2nd grade class believe that you should give medical supplies because it would help the rangers in case of emergency.

We think you should give them some medical supplies and play them music from your computers.

We think you should share a little bit of everything, especially medical supplies. Music is a good idea, too.

The students in 5V think that you should play music for them because it would keep them entertianed. It would also be a good idea to keep your medical supplies in case you need it for the rest of your trip.

We think you should share music because it is a good way to share our culture with them.

The third grade at OLGC think you should give the gift of music to the rangers.

While two wanted music and another two wanted to give food, most of the class decided that you could give medical supplies.

The students in 5T think that you should play music for the rangers because it would be something new and different for them. They would really enjoy hearing US music which they wouldn't normally get the chance to do.

Medical supplies should be given. The rangers probably need them and they should be harder to get than food.

Our class wants you to give them music because it is something they would enjoy and if you give away your medical supplies, what would you do if you needed them?

Most of Ms. Catalan's class voted for medical supplies.

The students in 5M think that you should play the rangers music because electronic entertainment would be fun for them. They would also get the opportunity to listen to a different culture of music than what they're use to.

We think you should give medical supplies in case someone gets sick or gets some sort of infection. This will be helpful in case the rangers run out of supplies.

Dear Dave and Amy,
I think you should give them a choice of what they want. I think if I were in your place I would give them a choice so that if they want 2 things and you give them something that they don't really want then they might just leave it somewhere and it would not get used.

We voted for you to give the rangers some medical supplies, just in case they have an encounter with a dangerous animal that attacks/bites them. Perhaps the medical supplies will prevent infection or poison from entering their bodies.

My class thinks that a little bit of everything would be great. You could share your food, supplies, and music.

I think that you should give them the medical supplies.

We think you should give them music for a thank you gift, because they will probably be occupied by it.

I think that you should give them the medicine. It can be very useful since they're always in need of supplies. Also for the bites and burns you can get in the forest.

We think you should give them music because if you get hurt, you would have nothing to use. You could give the rangers medical supplies if they need it when they are sick.

The majority of our group think you should give them music since you told us that life at the ranger stations can be boring. The rest of the group favored medical supplies.

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