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Wow, this baby is so cute!!!! I wonder what happened to it's mom?

Is the baby sloth going to be OK? Will it survive?


We learned from Warren today that the baby sloth died about a month after we took the video. He said that it is hard to raise a sloth when it is very young because it needs its motherĀ“s milk and giving it cows milk does not work very well. We were sad to learn that it died. It is another example of why it is important that we work to protect the rainforest.

Dave and the team

this is a really cool website. I'm so happy that Eric Frost came and showed us 5th graders at Ogden School all about the rainforest.

- Jenna

My class will be overjoyed to see the sloth. The unfortuanate fate of the sloth will sadden their hearts, but it will also make them as determined as ever to advocate for conservation and to help save the rainforest. We are on spring break. We finished our rainforest unit before break. But I promised them we would be apart of your South American tour as soon a school resumes. I can't wait for more interesting things to see and hear. Thanks for offering this educational adventure.

Dave and team members I really encourage you to keep the two-toed sloth alive. What happened to his mom?? He is cute maybe you should try and find him a new mom/dad.

Keep up the good work and help the endangered animals.

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