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The Amazon Rainforest is the place of greatest biodiversity on earth. Biodiversity is the number living things in a habitat. That means that there are more living things in the Amazon than anywhere else on earth. Approximately 50% of the Earth's plants and animals reside in the world's tropical rainforests. Make a list of the animals you think live in the Amazon Rainforest.

A habitat is a place where certain organisms naturally live and grow. The habitat provides the food, water and shelter that these organisms need for survival. If the habitat is destroyed – or even altered in a minor way the survival of the organisms that live there is threatened. We need to learn as much as we can about habitats so that we can help protect them and the animals and plants within a habitat.

Animals all rely on the habitat to provide food, shelter, and water. From your list of animals, think about what each of them eat. Even if you don't know what they eat, make a guess based on how the animal looks, where it lives, and how it gets around. Does it live high in the trees? Does it live in the water? Does it have a mouth full of sharp teeth? Do these animals have any predators? If they do, how do they stay safe? Do these animals travel in groups or by themselves?

The Amazon has many secrets. People have been studying and observing life in the Amazon for hundreds of years. But, all of the rainforest’s secrets are not uncovered. Scientists make new discoveries each day. They find new plants, discover new species of animals, and also find new ways that animals rely on each other and their habitat.

Part of our goal during the Trans-Amazon Expedition is to look at ways that animals adapt to their habitat to keep themselves safe and healthy. We’ll be looking at how animals spread out in a habitat, where they find food, and how they avoid being hunted. What types of clues do you think we should be on the look-out for while we're biking and canoeing? What animals are you most excited to learn more about?

How should we change our habits to help the planet?

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