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In last week's Cast Your Vote, students decided that we should concentrate on finding reptiles this week. We have found a few snakes and iguanas so far, but we have not found any caimans yet. This week we hope to find some caimans, but we are not sure where we should look for them. Please help us out by doing some research about caimans. Let us know here they live, what they eat, and when they are most active. Also, try and help us figure out where we should look for caimans.

On Friday, we asked for suggestions about how to pick recipients of the two Claremont Academy shirts we're carrying with us. Most of your responses were about having some sort of competition. Since all of the kids here are familiar with soccer and almost every town has a soccer field, we will have a "shoot-out" to determine the winners of the shirts. We will be sure to take photos and will report the names of our lucky winners to you.


Caimans are nocturnal.You should look for them at night.They do thir hunting at night.They live on land and fresh water.They eat water birds,fish,and reptils.

Caiman are nocturnal night and they live in the river. They eat fish and other reptiles.

Caiman are nocturnal night and they live in the river. They eat fish and other reptiles.

you should look for the caiman at night because they are nocturnal.

You should look for caimans
at the rocks by the river.

i think they should travel somewhere they think caimans is then write a report about them and how they live"


i think you should find camians in parts of water bodys

I think you should find camians in parts of water bodys

Caimans are nocturnal and like the quieter waters. They eat fish, other reptiles, and small mammals. They often hunt near shore where animals may come to drink.

Caimens live in fresh slow-moving rivers or streams. They are nocturnal. They eat piranahas, fish, turtles, reptiles, mammals, and catfish. They have 75 teeth. They lay 50-60 eggs at a time.

Caimen live in fresh water. They are nocturnal. They eat crustaceans, sometimes other caimen, insects, mullusks, water birds, and fish.

My class says to watch out because they can reach 6 or 7 feet long. They are mostly solitary except during the rainy season. I hope it's not the rainy season there.

Caimans eat birds, fish, iguanas, turtles and just about anything they can catch.

Caimans are nocturnal, so you might find more at night.

Dwarf caimans burrow during the day and then cross land at night.

Black caimans are found in freshwater such as rivers and lakes.

Along the river or in flooded forest areas are great places to look for caimans.

You should look for the caimans at night in low wet places because that is were most caiman are found.

If you want to find a caiman, you should look for them during the night,since they are nocturnal. You should also look in places where you would find insects, crustaceans,& mollusks, since that is what they eat.They live in flooded areas and along the river, so try looking there. Good Luck finding a caiman!

Well, caimans live in central south america and are the smallest type of alligatots are hard to see, I think you should disguise yourselves as a relative animal to get closer. Then take notes on it's actions and take pictures of it.If you still want to get closer go behind it so it can't see you.

caimans live on land and in fresh water. you should look for them at night because that is when they are out hunting because they are nocturnal. They eat birds, fish, and other reptiles.


Caimans are nocturnal. I think you should look for them at night. Good luck!

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