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Each year The Wilderness Classroom engages in one, or two online learning adventures. During these adventure students are able to interact with expedition members though our web site as well as school visits before and after each adventure.

Each learning adventure is focused around expedition updates which we post on our web site. New photos, videos, scientific data, journal entires, podcasts, interactive polls, and other content will appear every day Monday through Friday through out each learning adventure.

In 2008/2009 we will be exploring the Amazon Rainforest, Yellowstone National Park, and Marine Biology in the Bahamas.

The Wilderness Classroom helps students explore the world around them, as they both ask and solve questions. Learning adventures encourage a deeper sense of cultural and environmental awareness among students, and help students draw connections between their daily lives and the lives of people across the globe.

Expedition Updates

Each expedition update contains a variety of content designed to engage, educate, and excite your students. The links below will take you to examples of the content we offer during each learning adventure.

Notes From The Trail - Journal entries, photos, and daily data keep students informed, and active in the adventure.

Daily Dilemma - Each day, team members are presented with a wide range of problems that they have to solve. Team members will talk about the dilemmas they encounter in their Notes From The Trail. We want your students to use their higher-order thinking skills to help the team make the best decisions using Daily Dilemmas.

Daily Podcast - Every morning you can listen to our audio updates and learn how we plan to solve the daily dilemma from the previous day. You will need Flash to listen to audio updates.

Cultural Connections - Interesting facts and profiles about the people we've met along the way will be posted every Monday.

Amazon Animals - Each day a new animal of the rainforest will be featured. Find out where it lives, what it eats, and other interesting facts. Photos included.

Video Clips - One to two minute videos uploaded from the rainforest was we travel give students unique glimpses into life in the rainforest. You will need Flash 8.0 or higher to view our videos.

Mystery Photo - Each update, students can use their investigative skills to solve a mystery. Clues are provided and responses are sent to the adventurers. Mystery Photos are a huge hit with 1st to 4th grade students.

Cast Your Vote - Decide where the adventurers go, what they do, and what they study by casting your vote using online polls. Please use the maps to find out more about the options presented. Encourage students to submit their reasons why they voted for a particular destination.

Expedition Maps - Follow the journey through this amazing interactive maps.


Lesson Plans: Our goal is to make it easy to for teachers to integrate our program into their existing curriculum. To accomplish this we have developed a wide range of quick activities (most with worksheets) to use in conjunction with Notes From The Trail, Amazon Animals, Mystery Photo, and People of Peru. You may download the plans and print it out for additional reference. The lessons for Project Peru will be available in .pdf format for printing, or HTML for online browsing starting at the beginning of March.

Rainforest Library: The Rain Forest Library contains a wealth of information for you and your students. Included are useful facts and pictures about the different animals, plants, and people who make the rainforest home. It is intended as a quick reference guide and a supplement to the information provided at the beginning of each unit.

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