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Should we stay on the main river or paddle a remote channel? printer.gif

While doing research for the expedition Dave found a long narrow channel that breaks away from the main channel of the Amazon River and does not re-enter the river for over 150 miles. We do not know much about this remote channel, but from looking at satellite images it looks to be very wild. We think that by taking this channel we would increase our chances of encountering wildlife, but we would not pass as many towns. Basically we need you to help us decide if we should take the remote channel in search of wildlife, or stick to the main river channel where we will encounter more towns. Remember to write a comment to explain your answer!


Our Class thinks you should take the channel because you could see more exotic or rare animals. This could be an exciting adventure!

I think you should take the canal because it would give you a great experience to find and see different wildlife!

I think that you should take the channel because you said it would have some interesting wildlife. If you do take the channel, please take pictures and post them on the site so we all can see them.

I would rather see more wild life than more towns. You have already met many great people but I'm more interested in the amazing wild life and I think it would be a better idea to explore the unknown!!!

I think you should take the channel because then you could show us more pictures and videos and tell us more about wildlife. But then on the other hand you said that the river was wild and I am pretty sure that you do not want to get hurt.

I think that you should search for wildlife on the channel because you may get to discover a animal that you haven't seen before. Plus if you go through a town there might be alot of traffic and it would be hard to get around.

We have already seen the town, now we want to see some animals. Can you take a picture of a monkey?

We are excited to see the more remote areas of the Amazon.

We think it would be exciting to perhaps see some wildlife that you have never encountered on any other trip. There will be more towns, but maybe not more remote channels. Happy paddling!

I think that you should go on the side river because maybe you could see more rare animals or ones you havn't seen before because most animals don't like to be around humans as much. There for you would have a greater chance to see more exotic animals. I wish you best of luck.

I think you should try the channel. If you are up to a challenge, go ahead! More, interesting animals will be found!

It's possibly a great adventure and you can balance it out with the decision to take the launcha.

look for some sloaths or howler monkeys plz

the wildlife is sooooooooooooo exciting and you never know what will happen and it is always cool to hold them!!☻☺

Students feel you might encounter some neat animals. Also you might be able to catch some food to eat. Good luck

Students feel you might encounter some neat animals. Also you might be able to catch some food to eat. Good luck

You should take the side river because we want you to be able to see more wildlife. We are hoping that you can spot some animals and plants that you have never encountered before.

I think you take the channel and see more wildlife. This will allow for cooler pictures.

you should try to see more animals because it is more interesting for the students than hearing about people because we already heard about people. We now want to see exotic animals and wildlife. It would be great if you made a picture section and showed all of the new animals that you see on that section. Lots of the kids would be extremely interested in that section. That is if you take the canal. Which you should definatly do becasue in one of you podcast you said you liked canoeing in remote areas. the canal would be fabulously remote and interesting for you. If you took the canal, there wouldn't be as much boat trafic and it would be a more relaxing, efficiant ride. In conclusion, you should canoe along the canal.

Wow! I never knew my students were so into wild animals. They almost overwhelmingly voted for the remote channel. But....because their teacher loves to "people watch" she is going to write reviews from those who agree with her. :>)

Ali says, "Stay on the main river because you can explore towns. You can learn more about the culture. ... People are also part of the adventure. Many people will ask you questions and they can help you learn Portuguese."

Molly agreed, "Stay on the main river, because you can meet more people who are different from you. You might meet someone who knows how to speak both Portuguese and English and they can teach you."

Michael says you should see more people, because it is more interesting to hear stories. (Thank you, Michael!)

Kevin F. agrees that by staying on the main river you can practice your new language and learn it better.

Denny adds, "You can find out more by talking to people. On top of that, what better way to practice your Portugese!"

If you do decide to explore the channel, please be careful! Mrs. F.

We think that it would be interesting to learn about the boats that are in a back channel (what type and how many) versus what you see on the main channel. Also, we are interested in the animals that you see.

I think that you should take the remote channel because then you may encounter an animal that you have never seen before.

I think you should find more wildlife and post them on the website. i think everyone would like them. bye 4 now!!

You have already seen lots of cool people so I think you should see more animals now.

You never know how many animals that you want to see might go extinct.

Also so many surprising things could happen if you take the channel and you'd see some cool animals. That's why you should explore the channel.

i think that u should take the main.

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