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Reducing our Carbon Footprint printer.gif

While our travel in the Amazon Basin has been quite environmentally friendly (paddling canoes every day), our travel to the Amazon (by airplane) produced a lot of CO2. We have been trying to figure out how to reduce our carbon footprint and make up for the CO2 that was produced by flying to the Amazon. What do you think we should do?


I think that you should bike the trip. It will be very environmentally friendly and you will get a good work out!

i think we should all use better light bulbs and bike instead of drive

We think you should bike instead of drive because driving produces CO2 and biking doesn't. Biking is also great exercise!

You guys are so cool and I think that you should do all of the above. On the last day of school I decided that instead of taking the bus I was going to walk back home.

That is a good idea I am going to do that in the summer and winter

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