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How should we travel back to Chicago? printer.gif

We used many modes of transportation to get to Manaus, including airplanes, trains, and cars. Even though it is early to start thinking about our return trip, soon we will need to book tickets for our return to the United States. Our plane tickets are from Brazil to New York City.
We are leaving it up to you to choose what mode of transportation we use during our trip from New York back to Chicago. As we travel, we will need to take into account how much time it will take, expense, and impact on the planet. Please do some research about the differences between taking a plane, a train, and renting a car. Then, based on your research, please decide what mode of transportation we should take. Make sure you tell us your reasoning!

How should we travel from New York City back to Chicago?


We feel you should travel by train because you use less fossil fuels and from what we can tell the price is better and the time is not bad.

We think the train is least expensive, better for the environment, and it wouldn't take too long.

We think you should take the airplane, because it will have been a long trip and you will be more comfortable.

The train would also be comfortable and probably would use less fuel per person and cause less air pollution than a car. You could also enjoy the scenery of the U.S. (And it would be cheaper than the plane.)

In the car you could "catch up" with each other about your trip, and compare our country with Brazil.

In the car you will be able to see more things in the United States and it would be cheaper for you and you can enjoy each other's company.

The train would be a better bet for saving gas, and you can really see the country.

On the plane you could just sit back and relax and you will be tired. You also can get a "bird's eye view" of the U.S.

I think you should take a plane because it will probaly will be better for the invierment than a car or plane. Also from my research it would cast quit a bit less money than a car or plane. It would be a bit longer than a car or a plane. It is kinda like a tradeoff.

less money=more time
more money=less time

I would go with the train.

Travel back on Airplane!!

I think you should take a plane four three reasons.
1. its quicker
2.sit and realaxe.
3.get a great view of us

We think a train beacause less fossil fuels are used and it saves enviorment

I think you should take a train home because it would probably be the cheapest way so you could save a little money for your next journey!

I think that you should take the train because if you're going to bring a book or a laptop there is time to do things on it. It would be a ton of fun,besides trains are so much fun!!!!!!!!!

i think you should travel by train because trains are long, roomy,and fun!

I think you should not take the airplane because of high economy and the plane would just be wasting your money.

Taking the train is what I think you should take because it will be more cheap. It is important to take the train because of many people crowded, too.

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