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Poison Dart Frogs stick out like a sore thumb to warn potential predators to stay away. Several of these species of poisonous frogs are some of the most brightly colored animals found in the rainforest.

Most poison dart frogs are active during the day (diurnal). They feed on ants and termites, but will also eat other small insects.

The common name of Poison Arrow Frog or Poison Dart Frog originates from the Choco Indians of Colombia. The Choco knew that the frogs emitted a toxin from their skin. Rubbing the tips of their arrows across a frog's body makes the arrowhead poisonous. With a poison-tipped dart or arrow, hunters are more successful at getting food.

Another interesting fact about poisonous frogs is that many are not naturally poisonous. Some species get their poison only from their food. Most frogs live only on insects and ants. Chemicals in the ants help the frog to create poison. If the frog were to stop eating the particular ants, it would eventually become poison-free. That is how some people are able to keep them as pets!

A good place to look for poison dart frogs, and other frogs, is underneath leaves. We will let you know if we find any! For Further Exploration, visit these web sites:

Wilderness Classroom's Rainforest Libary

American Museum of Natural History: Poison Dart Frogs

Seaworld's Animal Bytes

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