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We are glad that you have decided to use our web site. We have established the following Terms of Use Policy to protect you as well as other people that use this site. All visitors to our web site, registered subscribers and all others are required to follow the rules outlined in these Terms of Use Policy. Please check back on a regular basis to view any changes that we have made to this policy. By continuing to use this web site you agree to follow all aspects of our Terms of Use Policy.

Subscription license policy

Only people covered under an active, registered subscription may access or utilize the information found in the password protected sections of this web site, as well as ideas or material printed from or viewed in the password protected sections of this web site.

Guide lines for using our Message Boards, Chat rooms, or other forms of interaction.

Our goal is to create a friendly, tolerant community where people are free to collaborate with others in a safe learning environment. We encourage visitors to act as positive members of our on-line community and report content or behavior that you feel is hurtful or disruptive to the community. By using our message boards and other interactive aspects of this web site you agree to the following terms. We have the right to remove, or edit any content that we feel violates the terms below, and parties will be held responsible for damages incurred by content that violates the terms below. We have the right to ban members from interactive aspects of this web site for violating these terms, and the right to cancel subscriptions for violating the terms below.

* You will not identify any children or students by posting names or other personal information.
* You will not post material that encourages illegal acts, or talks about committing illegal acts.
* You will not post material containing pornographic, vulgar, or indecent language, images, or ideas.
* You will not post untrue material or material that threatens, abuses, or could be harmful to yourself, or others.
* You will not post advertising or other commercial promotions.

You are required to follow the rules outline above. If you have any questions, or have a violation to report please contact us.

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