Character Education Virtual School Assembly

Explorers Dave and Amy Freeman have traveled over 50,000 miles by canoe, kayak, dogsled, and sailboat across vast stretches of wilderness in their quest to learn, share, and protect wild places and precious ecosystems. Overcoming extremely difficult physical and emotional challenges during months spent paddling through remote corners of the Amazon Rainforest and enduring -50F and blizzards while dogsledding across the Far North has helped the Freemans develop a simple, yet important set of life skills that help students build character, self confidence, empathy, and social and emotional tools to help them succeed. The character education skills that the Freemans share during this unforgettable virtual assembly are as applicable at school and at home as they are on an expedition.

Dogsledding through a blizzard is one of the many stories the Freemans share during their character education assemblies.

Using exciting stories, easy to understand examples, and students’ own experiences, this virtual character education school assembly teaches elementary school students basic concepts that help them excel at home and at school through the Freemans’ Expedition ABCs.

Attitude – Our attitudes are contagious! If we have a good attitude, we will pass it on to those around us, which helps us all learn and grow.

Believe – Believe in yourself while encouraging your peers to do the same.

Care – Being caring and considerate towards others is important in the classroom and beyond.

Do your best – Do your best and work hard at home and at school.

Exercise – From practicing math problems to passing soccer balls or setting up a tent in a blizzard, exercising our minds and bodies and helps us grow and learn.

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Dave and Amy Freeman haul their canoe across Ensign Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Crossing thin ice is one of the many stories the Freemans share during their character education virtual assemblies.
Crossing thin ice in while deep in the wilderness requires the Freemans to work as a team and trust each other completely.