Daily Data: 81 It is Snowing in the Boundary Waters

The rain switched to snow overnight and we woke up to a Wilderness blanketed in white. With any luck this snow will cover the land until spring. The lake ice is still too weak to safely walk on but we perched on the edge for a long time watching big puffy flakes fall around us. In the end the wet snow was too much to resist, so I lobbed a snowball at Amy. This resulted in a volley of snowballs from our respective rocks separated by rotten ice. We have spent most of the last few days hibernating in our tent. A persistant wintery mix made venturing outside unappealing, so besides a few short stints to process fire wood, gather water, or go for short walks, we have been content to lay low. We have spent a lot of time writing and reading.

We have been reading a variety essays by Sigurd Olson and looking back we realized that we were highlighting about 80% of what we read because we wanted to reflect on and share his beautiful descriptions of the Wilderness and how important it is.

Sigurd Olson is one of my heroes. Who is a person you admire and why?

“…the simple life and the primitive….It is an inheritance so deeply ingrained in our natures that it can never be stifled. We are still adventurers of the wilderness and must answer the call in order to keep our equilibrium. Once we lose our perspective, too long a time on the pavements and we starve for the smell and touch of virile earth.” – Sigurd Olson

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 81
Hi Temperature: 36 F
Low Temperature: 30 F
Miles Traveled: 0
Number of Portages: 0
Number of Lakes visited: 1

Animals Encountered:
Raven 1

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