Day 155: Lunch on Basswood Lake

We stopped for lunch in the middle of Hoist Bay on Basswood Lake. There was no wind and it was warm, so there was no need to look for a sheltered spot. The dogs always provide plenty of amusement. Acorn and Tina start to groom themselves as soon as we stop for lunch. Tank just stands around seeming to wonder why we aren’t going, occasionally barking and lunging in his harness. Grooming doesn’t seem to be part of his routine, except when Acorn or Tina get overzealous with their grooming and start licking his legs and paws. It sounds strange, but they actually groom him from time to time.

The dogs are like people; they have their own personalities. It has been fun getting to know Tina, Acorn, and Tank. Before we know it spring will arrive, the ice will begin to melt, and it will be time to say goodbye to our new friends and switch back to traveling by canoe. Luckily March often affords some of the best traveling conditions, so we still have plenty of adventurous miles ahead of us with our four-legged friends.

Daily Data

Days spent in the Wilderness: 155
High Temperature: 30 F
Low Temperature: 22 F
Miles Traveled: 9
Number of Portages: 2
Number of Lakes visited:2
Animals Encountered:
Raven 3
Red Squirrel 1
Gray Jay 2

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