Day 163: Star Filled Night on Basswood Lake

The ice is booming all around our tent. That and the clear, star-filled night signal the temperature is dropping. Gazing up at the moonless sky provided the perfect end to a warm, sunny day spent traveling across Basswood Lake. We stopped for lunch in the middle of the lake and munched on smoked salmon, cheese, and crackers. I love March in the Boundary Waters. The sun is powerful and the days are long. A perfect crust allows us to cruise across the lakes with ease.

Daily Data

Days Spent in the Wilderness: 163
High Temperature: 27 F
Low Temperature: 0 F
Miles Traveled: 12
Number of Portages: 1
Number of Lakes Visited: 2

Animals Encountered:
Ravens 3
Northern saw-whet owl 1
Black-capped chickadee 7

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