Day 353: Going were the Wind Blows

Golden fog blanketed the lake again this morning. We slowly sipped steaming mugs of coffee and ate oatmeal with an extra dollop of peanut butter as delicate waves of mist washed over the lake. A few tendrils of fog remained when my coffee and oatmeal were gone so I suggested we make more coffee and rest by the water’s edge for a little longer. There was no reason to rush.

We had originally planned to paddle up the Moose River from Nina Moose Lake to Big Moose Lake. We were planning to spend about 10 days in the Trout Lake section of the Wilderness south of the Echo Trail. However I tweaked my back recently. The long portages and rather robust travel schedule that heading into the Trout Lake section would require made me think twice. Plus, after more than 11 months without crossing a road, traveling to the Trout Lake section of the Wilderness would require that we portage across the Echo Trail.

After careful thought we decided to go where the wind blows us over the last two weeks of our Year in the Wilderness. Yesterday we paddled and portaged from Nina Moose to Lake Agnes and today we are planning to travel to Stuart Lake. After that, time will tell. Two weeks from now we plan to paddle out of the Wilderness and meet a floatilla of wilderness supports near River Point Resort on Birch Lake.

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