Day 355: Tank is a Portaging Pro

Tank was all business on the portage between Rush Lake and Dark Lake. It’s not surprising because he seems to enjoy portaging far more than canoeing. It is probably due to all the smells along the portage trail and trees to mark. Dark Lake was the 497th body of water that we have visited during A Year in the Wilderness. When we paddled into the Wilderness nearly a year ago we set a goal of visiting more than 500 lakes, rivers and streams. Our route from here to the South Kawishiwi River, where we will exit the Boundary Waters, passes through several dozen lakes that we have already visited. Luckily, there are still a few hidden gems that we hope to visit, which will help us reach our goal.

Today we got lucky because beavers created a new pond by flooding a large marsh between Stuart Lake and Fox Lake so we were able to visit an unnamed pond that we had no idea existed.

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