Day 363: Reflection Lake

We visited our 500th body of water on the 363rd day of our Year in the Wilderness. Crashing through wet branches and soggy moss, over rotting white pine trunks and through balsam thickets, we slowly bushwhacked towards Reflection Lake. The final 100 yards was a soupy, boot-sucking bog. Before we paddled into the Wilderness nearly a year ago we set a goal of visiting 500 lakes, rivers, and streams. At times it seemed like that would be an easy task, only to seem out of reach a day or two later. It seems fitting that our 500th water source was difficult to reach and thus rarely visited. Daily Data:

Days in the Wilderness: 363
Miles traveled: 9
Bodies of water visited: 6

Animals seen:

2 Canada geese
4 mergansers
6 ring-billed gulls
2 red squirrels
4 black-capped chickadees
1 white-throated sparrow
2 bald eagles
1 beaver

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