Delaute Island

The sun was shining all day today. We paddled out to Delaute Island on the eastern edge of the Slate Islands with a light tailwind. We spent most of the day scouring the island for rocks that flew out when the meteor hit. These rocks landed back on the ground in jumbled blocks. This was a difficult task. We hiked up and down high hills and even above cliffs on Delaute Island. Towards the end of our day Nick made an interesting discovery along the shore of the island. He saw reddish brown squiggles within a rock outcrop along the shore. Then Amy found more of these same squiggles. These squiggles were made of sand from the surface that was injected into rocks when the meteor hit. We took samples of this sand so that the scientists could learn more about their composition when they are back in their university lab. Heading back to camp was a challenge. We paddled into a strong southwest wind.



Distance traveled:  6 miles by kayak


Animals seen:

2 common loons

1 herring gull

6 mergansers

1 osprey


Rock samples collected: 11

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