Dog of the Week: Belle


Type of dog: Canadian Inuit

Age: 10, born in March of 2004

Birthplace: Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge; Ely, MN
Parents: Thule and Blue
Favorite position: Swing


Hello. My name is Belle. I’m not so sure about this dogsledding thing. I’m a good dog and I really like people. I’ll run if you put my harness on, but I don’t pull very hard. I don’t really get why these other dogs get so excited about dogsledding. I just like being around people. Will you pet me? Maybe you have a treat? We could go inside and watch TV instead of dogsledding. I am older than a lot of dogs in the kennel. I think that it will be time for me to retire soon.


I had puppies last summer. I am so proud of them. They are getting big now, but they are not full grown yet. A couple of my puppies look like me, with white bodies and black faces. Sometimes when I pull the dogsled, one of my puppies will run along with us. I like that. They will grow up to be big and strong.

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