Dog of the Week: Bullet


Photo by Kathy Yelton.
Photo by Kathy Yelton.

Type of dog: Canadian Inuit dog

Age: 9

Birthplace: Churchill, Manitoba
Favorite position: Lead


Hey there young ones. I’m Bullet. I was born north of here—in Canada. I was adopted by John Stetson and spent several years in his kennel. Then I moved to Wintergreen. I like to run in lead. I’m an expert at this dogsledding thing. I’m getting to be quite old for a sled dog, but I still keep up with the young dogs. In fact, last week I ran in solo lead. It takes a dog with confidence to do that. I had two young whippersnappers running behind me. If they started to goof off, I would just turn my head and give a sharp bark. That usually got them to behave. They knew to pay attention to their elder.

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