Dog of the Week: Jupiter


Type of dog: Canadian Inuit

Age: 4, born in March of 2009

Birthplace: Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge; Ely, MN

Parents: Covy and Jens

Favorite position: Lead


I’m wearing my harness! I’m ready to go! Hi! I’m Jupiter. Excuse me while I wriggle around. I like to make it hard for people to hook me up to the gang line. It is a little game I play. I’m a big dog. I like to move around! I hope to be the alpha male in the dog kennel someday. I’m well on my way, putting on a big show of snarling and barking any time another big male comes near me.


Even though I’m so hyper, I make a good lead dog. I follow directions pretty well. I’ve noticed that when I run in lead, the guides pair me with a more experienced dog—usually Inuk. Sometimes I smell something interesting on the side of the trail. I try to pull the team over to check out the smell. I guess I’m not supposed to do that because Inuk will pull me back on the trail. She may even give a stern bark to get me to pay attention to my job.Jupiter-2515

1 thought on “Dog of the Week: Jupiter”

  1. Glad to see you picked handsome Jupiter for your dog of the week. You better not let Inuk know that he’s top dog on your website this week or she’ll surely let out a snarl and give him a snap of her jaws to put him in his place and remind him of who’s really top dog.

    Nice posting and a great shot.


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