Dog of the Week: Millie




Type of dog: Canadian Inuit

Age: 4, born in March of 2010

Birthplace: Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge; Ely, MN

Parents: Ramona and Steve

Favorite position: Wheel


Hi! Guess what?! I just had a birthday. I turned four years old! Happy birthday to me! I like to pull dogsleds. I like to run fast. I work hard. I have lots of energy. Can you tell? Let’s go! Let’s go dogsledding. Put my harness on and I’ll show you how strong I am.


People sometimes look at me and say that I’m small. They assume that I can’t pull much weight. I prove them wrong every time! I might be small, but I can pull as much weight as dogs twice my size. I just want to go. Let’s go!


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