Dog of the Week: Two-Tone



Type of dog: Alaskan Husky

Age: 5

Birthplace: Stetson Racing kennel in Duluth, MN

Favorite position: Lead


Hi! I’m Two-Tone. Look into my beautiful white eyes and you’ll fall in love. You must come and pet me. Then, put my harness on and let’s go dog sledding! Really, I want to go dog sledding! Come on! Let’s go!


I look a little different than these Canadian Inuit dogs. I am an Alaskan Husky. That means I am a mix of many different types of dog, bred for racing. First people notice that my eyes are different. That is because I have a bit of Siberian husky in me. I am skinnier than the other dogs too. I have long legs. I like to run fast! I can run much faster than these Canadian Inuit dogs! I like to run next to my buddy, Landon. He and I didn’t run in lead much before coming to Wintergreen, but now we get to run in lead a lot. I like it! We are in charge of setting the pace for the dog team and we follow directions from the musher really well.

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