Dogsledding Virtual Assembly

Our Dogsledding Virtual Assembly combines lessons, images, videos, and equipment accumulated during hundreds of days and thousands of miles exploring the winter wilderness by dogsled. These fast-paced, fun assemblies help students understand what it is like to work with sled dogs and imagine what it feels like to drive their own dog team. 

Examples of how we work with the dogs to overcome challenges and succeed on our expeditions provide easy to understand lessons that help children grow and thrive at school and at home.

A variety of important life skills are woven into each virtual school assembly. They include: communicating effectively, teamwork, trust, kindness, having a positive attitude, and believing in yourself. We call these life skills our Expedition ABCs, which teach children simple, but effective ways to be their best selves.

We show students one of our dogsleds and let them meet a sled dog. Students learn about the clothing and equipment we wear to stay warm when it is 40 below zero and how the sled dogs thrive in the cold. We teach students about the different types of sled dogs from the Alaskan huskies that run dogsled races like the Iditarod to the Canadian Inuit dogs of the high Arctic. Students learn how we harness the dogs as well as the commands we use. 

Ellen Root dogsledding across Hottah Lake in northern Canada on a 4 month dogsled expedition.

Our virtual dogsledding assemblies are expertly delivered by Ellen Root and her sled dog Betty. Ellen has been working with sled dogs for over a decade. Ellen loves sharing her knowledge and passion for dogsledding and sled dogs with students of all ages. Answering students questions and seeing their excitement as she introduces them to a live sled dog and shows them a dogsled and other dogsledding equipment is her favorite aspect of working with students.

During all of our virtual programs students can type in questions for us to answer, which makes the programs fast-paced and interactive. Students always have tons of questions about the dogs and dogsledding! Ellen’s ability to answer lots of questions is a unique and fun benefit of this dogsledding virtual assembly.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details, and contact us with any questions. We are here to help!