What has been your favorite part of Paddle to DC?

Throughout our 2,000 mile journey from the Boundary Waters to Washington D.C. we have traveled through a wide variety of places, from the pristine lakes and forests of the Boundary Waters and the rapid-studded Mattawa River to the ferry-filled New York Harbor. We have been paddling and sailing for 90 days and only have 10 more days to get to DC. As we look back on the journey may of the places we visited and people we met along the way stand out. While we were paddling yesterday we wondered what your favorite part of the journey has been. What has been your favorite part of Paddle to DC? It’s not over; we still have plenty of adventure ahead of us, but we are curious to learn what your favorite part has been.

Email us your answers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep Exploring!


3 thoughts on “What has been your favorite part of Paddle to DC?”

  1. Dear Dave and Amy,
    We asked our students around the room what their favorite part of the trip has been. These are the responses:

    – learning about portage
    – learning about canoes (2x)
    – learning about the New York ferry (2x)
    – the entire adventure (2x)

    Thank you for allowing us to participate!

    Mrs. Beaver’s class

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