Fennel’s Biography

Nickname: Uncle Fennel

Polar Husky/Black Labrador mix

Age: 13 years

Home Kennel: Chris Maher’s Fat Raven Kennel in Ely, MN

Favorite Position: Lead


Bark, bark, bark. Err . . . uh . . . excuse me! You must understand that I bark a lot. I bark much more than the average sled dog. Everyone always asks me why I have floppy ears. Well, the truth is that I’m part Black Labrador.  I bark a lot too. People say that is due to the Lab in me. I just like to pull the sled. So when we stop, I start barking.  I am proud of my Labrador heritage. I am unique and I accept that. In fact, Dave and Amy used to run me in lead, but I am getting old.  I have stop and rest sometimes, so they don’t hook me up with the other dogs as much as they used to. I want to go wherever the humans want to go. It is the Lab in me that makes me loyal.

The other dogs call me  Uncle Fennel, because I am the oldest one in our pack.  I’m calmer than the rest of these young dogs, I guess because I know what to expect.  I lift my paw to have my harness put on and I walk calmly to the sled to be hooked up to the gang line.

I really enjoy going on adventures with Dave. Once he took me to northern Manitoba with several of my relatives. It was great. We got to explore and eat frozen fish! I wonder if there are any frozen fish on this adventure?? I sure hope so. I will run faster and bark louder if there are frozen fish.

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