My Daily Schedule

Hi! Fennel here, just writing to let you know that I am doing great!

I’m living with my buddy Chris Maher in Ely, MN right now. In case you are interested, here is my daily schedule:

5:30am-7am: Wake up on the porch. (I like sleeping on the porch because it is cooler than in the house.) I chew on a dental stick while Chris drinks coffee. Then I spend a few minutes outside, have some water, get a head scratch, and I’m back on the porch.

7am-4:30pm: I hop in the truck with Chris (the back seat is now mine) and we drive to where he works. While Chris is working, I play with Mollie (a 3 year old Border Collie). Sometimes we wade in the swamp. I like to eat some grass now and then. A huge pile of sand is where I like to take my afternoon nap.

4:30-5:30pm: I get swept off with the window scraper, hop back in the truck and head to town. I wait in the truck while Chris checks his email.

5:30pm-10pm: We get home. Then I hang out by the cabin while Chris does dog chores. I don’t associate with those other dogs! (I’m a pet now, not a sled dog.) Then it is dinner time. I’ll hang out with Chris and nap until bed time.
And thus a new day begins.

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