I think I am getting the hang of this fishing thing. When ever Dave picks up the fish catcher (I think the people call it a “fishing rod”) and walks to the water, you cannot tear my attention away. I follow him anywhere down the shore, out on the rocky points. I am his helper. I watch the water and whine. It usually just takes a few minutes and then, somehow a fish comes to the surface on the end of the string of the fish catcher.

This is the tricky part. I get so excited about the fish that I try to wade out and catch it myself. Dave doesn’t seem to like that. I still don’t understand why he lets some of the fish go. If it were up to me, I would keep and eat all of them! Well, at least he always feeds me parts of the fish that he does keep. I have to stand back while he cuts the fish up. If I am extra good, he feeds me fish bits! I think that he is rewarding me for all the work I do to help him catch the fish. Mmm. . .



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