What should we focus on with the film crew?

Next week we have a small film crew that Amy and I are taking out camping. They are producing a short video about us that is being sponsored by National Geographic and Subaru. The film will be about the adventures that Amy and I have had, why we love dogsledding, and exploring the Boundary Waters.

We need you to help us decide what we should focus on for next week’s Notes from the Trail while we are out dogsledding with the film crew. We could learn about making videos about the outdoors and focus on tips that would help you make videos when you go outside. We could also interview the film crew to learn what its like to be a professional film maker and how to got into making videos. Finally, we are planning to dogsled through an old growth forest called the Kawishiwi Pines next week so we could learn about old growth forests and the giant White Pines that are found in the Kawishiwi Pines.

Please vote and help us decide what we should study.

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1 thought on “What should we focus on with the film crew?”

  1. We would like to learn about how you train dogs for a dogsledding team. How is Fennel? How does the film crew like winter camping?

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