Getting Used to Traveling

I sure was glad when the weather got colder, but I didn’t really like the rain. Sitting in a puddle in the canoe is not very good, but running around the woods is fun!

I think that I am getting a hang of this canoeing thing. Every morning, Dave and Amy pack up camp. Then we all get in the canoe and they paddle me to a different spot. If they get to a spot where the water is loud and fast, we get out on the rocks.

They carry big bags of stuff and the canoe to the next spot where the water gets calm. This is the part I don’t like. They make me carry a pack too! Can you believe it? It feels so weird to walk around with that thing on my back. I can’t just jump up steep slopes like normal and sometimes I get stuck by low hanging branches. They keep telling me that it will get lighter and they give me a treat each time I carry the pack. So I guess it isn’t all bad.

Last night we stayed at a normal house. Well, I had to sleep outside. That was okay because there are two other dogs here. One is a puppy. It is fun to run around with them. They have showed me around and let me eat their dog food. It has been nice, but I am ready to hop back in that canoe!



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