Hanging Out With Lufa and Patches

I didn’t go with Dave and Amy to Finland. I was there for their send-off party. A bunch of friendly people gathered on Shagawa Lake near Ely. Dave and Amy brought their dog team. There were lots of people there. There was a little campfire on the ice. Someone started cooking bratwursts and hot dogs. I really wanted to get one of those hot dogs!

Dave and Amy were gone for two days. I missed them, but it wasn’t too bad. Chris and Jacob let me run along with their dogsledding trip. That was fun! They also fed me well. I sure do like that frozen chicken. In the evening I would hang out with my friends Lufa and Patches. We have a nice straw nest near the dog kennel.

I was happy to see Dave and Amy when they came back. Amy fed me a treat and let me come inside again. I am glad they are back.

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