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Calling all students, we need your help!

Caimen DaveWe are trying to travel to as many wild places as we can to learn about and document the earth’s amazing biodiversity. Our goal is to educate people about unique plants, animals, and ecosystem so that we will all work together to protect the planet.

We need you to research plants and animals that are living in the ecosystems we are traveling through during our journey across North America, as well as the living things living in your back yard. After you have researched a plant or animal you can add it to the Wilderness Library and help teach others about the natural world. Remember to include information about why your species in important and what can be done to help protect its environment.

We hope you will also create and post your own mystery photos! Mystery photos are one of the most popular sections of our website and thousands of kids are sure to try and solve your mystery. Hopefully in the process you can teach them something new about the natural world.