Last day in the Slate Islands

A strong wind was blowing from the north, bringing cold weather with it. We had expected this wind, so we didn’t travel far to gather a few last samples. Our last day in the Slate Islands was a good one.

We also paddled to the mega shatter cone on McGreevy Harbor. This is the largest shatter cone found on Earth. What is a shatter cone? Shatter cones are grooved cones that develop in rocks. They are formed by big explosions. A meteor travels very, very fast and causes a big explosion when it hits. The only thing on Earth that can cause an explosion big enough to make shatter cones is a meteor hitting the ground. The geologists were excited to stand below the mega shatter cone. Nick said it helped him realize how powerful the impact must have been.

Distance traveled: 3 miles by kayak

Animals seen:

2 common loons

5 mergansers

1 woodland caribou

4 ravens

2 herring gulls

Rock samples collected: 26

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