Monkeys, peccaries and caiman

A dense fog hung over the river this morning as we loaded our canoes and paddled through the whirlpools and small waves in rapid below our camp. However, it was not long before the sun was blazing overhead and our GoalZero solar panels were charging our batteries. After an hour and a half of paddling, the dull roar of a rapid warned us of the challenge ahead. The river split into a maze of channels and we had to slowly make our way down the rapid. At one point the channel we choose ended with a narrow three foot drop with a large rock blocking our way. We had to work together to drag our canoes over rocks to get past the drop. Luckily we were able to run the last 1/2 mile of the rapid with out having to portage.



The rest of the day passed quickly and we found a campsite in the forest at the mouth of a small river that enters the Rio Roosevelt. The area is full of wildlife. We were greeted by 4 river otters when we arrived and had a troup of monkeys visit our campsite several times this evening. After dinner Paul and I paddled upriver and heard a loud nose coming from the forest. We tied our canoe to shore and walked into the forest to investigate. We found over 100 white lipped peccaries slowing moving through the forest. Peccaries are a type of wild pig and they smell really bad. We watched them for a long time before continuing upriver.

Daily Data

Miles Traveled: 27
Otters: 8
Hours Paddled: 7
Lunch: Raisins, nuts, and a Clif Bar


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