Mortimer Island


Sonia and Amy measure the orientation of a rock sample.

A strong wind was blowing out of the north today. We planned to do our rock sampling in places that were sheltered from the wind. The south side of Mortimer Island was a great spot to be. The team worked to get core samples from the rock. Each core sample is as big around as a quarter and as long as a crayon. Nick operated the drill while Luke pumped water. Sonia measured the orientation of the samples while I recorded. We took ten samples from three different places. The geologists want to learn about the meteor impact that happened here. Scientists think the meteor struck about 400 million years ago. Nick, Luke and Sonia will use their new samples to figure out the time of the impact more precisely.

Distance traveled: 4 miles by kayak

Animals seen:

4 herring gulls

4 mergansers

1 raven

1 snowshoe hare

1 common loon

Rock samples collected: 34

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