On My Own For A Couple Days

I watched Dave and Amy load their car a few days ago. I was happy about this, because it usually means that we are going on a trip. They put their bags in the back and climbed in. They told me to follow as they drove down the driveway. They stopped at the Wintergreen dog yard and walked with me to the retirement pen.

I tried to protest. I wanted to go on the trip with them. Riding in the car is fun! They didn’t pay attention and they left me with Lufa and Patches in the retirement pen. Lufa can be kind of bossy, but I get along with those two for the most part.

As the days passed, I missed Dave and Amy. The other Wintergreen guides were nice to me. I got to run along on a few trips. Kate even let me take someone skijoring. That is a little confusing. I don’t like to pull just one person by myself. I like to pull a sled with other dogs.

Chris told me that Dave and Amy are coming back soon. I can’t wait!

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