Patterson Island


Luke and Sonia put a rock sample in a bag. The rock will be taken back to a scientific lab for further study.

A thunderstorm rolled through during the night. As we ate breakfast this morning, we could still hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. The weather stayed cloudy and rainy all day. We paddled our kayaks to Patterson Island. After landing on the island Nick, Sonia and Luke put on their geology belts. A geology belt is a belt that holds important tools that the geologists need to use. Those tools are a compass, hammer, notebook that you can write on even in the rain, hand lens (magnifying glass), rulers, pencils and permanent markers.


The rabbits here are very curious and will hop right through our campsite.

Hiking through the woods was a challenge. The geologists were looking for certain rock outcrops. Fallen trees, cliffs and bogs were a few of the obstacles we encountered. Did I mention that it was raining too? Progress was so slow that it took us two hours to hike 600 meters! The team found a good rock outcrop to sample on the edge of a small lake. This type of rock is called diabase. I will explain more about this rock in the next update. We returned to camp tired and soggy. After drying out and eating dinner, we saw a caribou wandering through camp.

Distance traveled: 2 miles by kayak, 0.8 miles on foot

Animals seen:

1 bald eagle

2 common loons

3 ravens

1 woodland caribou


Rock samples collected: 7

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