Porcupine Discovery

I discovered a new animal this week. It was while this fire thing was happening. We went to sleep late that night. Then in the early, early morning I noticed an animal about half my size walking slowly near our camp. It looked very hairy. It also looked like a tasty snack. I boldly walked up to it and tried to grab the critter by its tail.

Then – wham! I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly I had all these pokey things stuck in my nose! Well, I started to bark. I had the creature cornered in a bush. I ran in circles around the bush, jumping around and barking. That is when Dave and Amy heard me and woke up. They pulled me away from the creature and let it go. Can you believe it?! I thought for sure they would want to eat it like me.

This is the worst part now. Amy held on to my head and Dave pulled all of those sharp pokey things out of my nose. Ouch! But it didn’t take long and before I new it I was back to normal. I heard Dave and Amy say that the animal was a porcupine and all of those things they pulled out of my nose were called quills. I still wonder what porcupine tastes like.FennelPorcupine

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