More rapids and a community

The nature of the river has changed. The calm stretches between rapids are shorter and there are many more small rapids and riffles. Like Roosevelt we have noticed that the trees are getting larger as we descend the river. This was a very important fact for Roosevelt because very soon his men would have to search the forest for giant trees to carve into canoe to replace canoes that were lost in rapids. In fact today we will pass through the area where the things took a drastic turn for the Rondon Roosevelt Scientific Expedition. First we will encounter the rapids where Simplicio drowned. Then we will explore the place where the expedition lost two of their canoes and had to spend precious time and effort carving new ones.

Yesterday afternoon we spontaneously decided to stop at a farm house along the river to stretch our legs and practice our Portugese. No one was home so we walked up the road and noticed more houses. We had stumbled apon a small village, which even had a store. We treated ourselves to ice cold drinks and a bag of potato chips. It was getting late so we asked if we could camp on the soccer field. Then the math teacher and his wife invited us to stay at their house. We were treated to soft beds, a tasty dinner, and a chance to learn about life in small, isolated village. When the roads are good it takes 3 hours to get to the nearest town. Our hosts have chickens, fruit trees, and a large garden. However, they also go to town once or twice a month to shop. There is a bus that goes from the Cinta Larga community to town 3 times per week. It stops here and at farms along the way.
Today we plan to paddle to the next Cinta Larga community. It is the largest Cinta Larga community. We will end our canoe journey there. We hope to spend several days there learning more about the Cinta Larga. They are having a big celebration on Saturday. We hope that we can stay for the festivities, but we will have to ask the chief for permission.20140627060854

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  1. Hi Dave! Just wondering how it’s going and how the trip ended for you…I’m pretty sure you said it was winding up end of June. It sounded amazing and seems like you met some really great people, as usual.

    Where are you guys going next, or are you and Amy taking a well-deserved rest?

    Hope all is well, hope to see you in the fall:)
    Amy from Lincoln

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