Return to McColl Island

The weather report for the next few days is calling for storms and strong wind. We decided to leave our campsite in Horace Cove. After we packed our kayaks, we paddled into a nearby bay to look at the rocks. We landed on a beach and the rain started. We collected rock samples in the rain for several hours. The rock here breaks apart easily, so collecting the samples was not easy. The rock breaks apart so easily here because it was partly shattered when the meteor hit. The weather stopped us from collecting samples from a second outcrop. We wanted to make it back to McColl Island in the middle of the Slate Islands before the wind picked up. We paddled north in rain and waves that were two feet high. After settling in back on McColl Island, we dried out the rock samples and Sonia worked on gluing each one back together. She it is like putting together puzzles. You might recognize the glue she is using too . . . regular white Elmer’s glue!


Distance traveled: 5 miles by kayak


Animals seen:

1 bald eagle

1 common loon

1 herring gull

1 raven

1 belted kingfisher

Rock samples collected: 23

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