Running with Ricky and Millie

Fennel’s Field Notes


I had a lot of fun yesterday! Amy was guiding one person on a dogsled. She chose three of my friends to pull the sled. They were George, Ricky, and Millie. They are all friendly, young dogs. I ran along.

The weather was cold and windy. The other three dogs and I liked this. We like the cold weather because we have such thick fur coats. In warm weather, we get too hot. We actually run faster in colder weather, because we are comfortable.

I ran ahead of the dog team. I would stop to smell interesting things. There were wolf tracks on the trail. I could smell the wolves too. I also smelled a snowshoe hare. The snowshoe hare was very close to the trail. It ran away when it saw me. I chased the snowshoe hare, but I didn’t catch it.

What a fun day! I hope the weather stays cold. I also wouldn’t mind finding more snowshoe hares near the trail.

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