Dog of the Week: Sage


Type of dog: Canadian Inuit/Polar Husky mix

Age: 6 years

Birthplace: near Ely, MN

Favorite Position: Wheel

Hi. I’m Sage. Let’s go! I want to go. Come on! Ooh. What’s that smell? That’s interesting. Okay. Can we go now? I want to pull the sled! Will you pet me? Yeah. Scratch behind my ears. Okay. Seriously, I want to go! Let’s get moving! I’m pulling! Even though the sled is stopped, I’m pulling as hard as I can. Maybe I can break the sled free if I keep jumping and pulling. Oh, there’s another interesting smell. Okay, back to pulling. Come on! Is it time yet? I want to go. I want to go! I want to go!!!

What’s this, the sled is moving? Oh boy! Here we go. This is the best. I’m so happy. When I’m pulling a sled, my mind settles down. I am totally focused. So we’re running along and I’m pulling as hard as I can. Now I can relax and form coherent thoughts. I ponder things like how to harness alternative energy, how to end world hunger, and how to actually achieve world peace.

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