Sitting in the Canoe

The fourth stage of the North American Odyssey has begun! Dave, Amy, and I got a ride up to Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories from Amy’s dad. We gave a few presentations at the school in Fort Resolution and then hit the water. The kids gave me lots of attention!





Well, this trip has been interesting so far. Dave and Amy have taught me how to ride in the canoe. When I am in the canoe, I am supposed to sit down – no exceptions! “Sit, Fennel, sit!” They have to remind me sometimes. It isn’t too bad though. . . there is plenty of space and a blanket for me to sit on.

Yesterday, the water was really shallow, so I ran along for most of the day. I like running around and smelling all sorts of stuff on the beach. So far, I have found three fish skeletons. Mmm. Speaking of fish, Dave has been catching these yummy, slimy fish for me. I still eat some kibble, but the fish is a nice treat!

When I was following Dave and Amy, I would run in the water and sometimes swim. If I got too tired, then I would run back to shore. I could go faster on shore, but I could catch them so easily and it was boring waiting for them. So, once I caught them, I would head back out into the water. You see, they are my pack, so I have to stick close to them! This trip is pretty fun so far, except I don’t like being wet all day. It is nice when we get to camp so I can groom myself and then take a nap in the sun to dry off.



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