Stromatolites: An ancient form of life

This is a short post our daughter Jamie did on the kids’ blog.  But these simple, but really important life forms were so interesting, we wanted to share it here as well.


Stromatolites are limestone rock formations that live in the ocean, made by a kind of bacteria called cyanobacteria. These cyanobacteria were one of the first life forms on earth. They have existed for 3 1/2 billion years. Stromatolites also produce oxygen. If there weren’t stromatolites we probably wouldn’t be living as they produced a lot of the first oxygen in our atmosphere that allowed life to evolve. They were the major life form on earth for more than 2 billion years! Living stromatolites are now only found in Western Australia and the Bahamas. They were so cool!

stroma 2
Stromatolites in Shark Bay, Western Australia
stroma 1
Close-up of stromatolites
stroma 3
Us looking at the stromatolites

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